Report Spam Blogs on Tumblr
List of spam blogs: Please report these

These are identified as spam blogs. It is important that these blogs be removed so we won’t have any down time on tumblr. Please report these blogs so that Tumblr Staff will remove them.

How to identify and report spam blogs

How to identify:

If you see this kind of activity, the blog could be a spam blog:

  • It is auto blogging and does not seem like a real person is running it
  • They “like” your posts but they don’t have any posts
  • They “like” your posts but are not following you
  • They “like” your posts that don’t mean anything
  • They have lots of keywords and ads from networks like Adbrite, Google Adsense, etc
  • They usually do not have Ask or Submit button

How to report:

  • First, make sure it really is a spam blog. Check in every way you can to identify
  • Go to
  • Type in the spammy blog’s address
  • After it is blocked, you can see Report for spam link. Click there.


  • Be careful when you report the blog. Unless you are absolutely sure, the blog is spam, do not report. Otherwise you might get in trouble instead.

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